Future Temple

 Land is acquired 2.39 acres of land for the construction of the temple on Nov 20th at 26100 Tina Ln, Katy, TX 77494.  We have been Tax Exempt since 2012.   The temple will be termed as Adhamottamam (Best of the least).

The temple is raising funds, for future temple, because the old school buildings are falling apart. Deities need permanent place of worship.

We are doing silent fund raising. Please contribute generously. Anyone donating $5 000.00 or more will have their names engraved.

Please click on the button below and donate today.

We have 

1. main temple

2. Parking

3. Kalyana mandapam

4. Balvikas mandir

5. Kitchen

6. Restrooms

7. Theatre

8. Peripheral temples

9. Fence/gate

You can specify what you like funds to be used when donating.